Traditional Japanese cherry bark crafts.Bark crafts are very rare.
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Kabazaiku (桜皮細工)- Cherry bark Crafts

Traditional Japanese cherry bark crafts

tea cantainer、tea cup... Kabazaiku goods
Japanese people drink various kinds of tea, but green tea is the most popular.
They drink it while they are eating or when they are taking a break.
Green tea is considered to be healthy and good for you.
People sometimes spend a lot of money on tea containers, trays, cups, and cases to keep those things.

Bark crafts are very rare
Look at these. They are beautiful, aren't they?
They are Kabazaiku, traditional Japanese cherry bark crafts.
Bark crafts are very rare, and Kabazaiku goods are some tea lovers' favorite.
Kabazaiku is made with layers of the bark of mountain cherry trees.
The bark is cleaned, smoothed and polished till it turns into glossy dark red,
and is used to coat tea containers, trays, and so on.
The color comes from the bark itself and from the tree's sap.
Nature is a great artist, isn't she?
cherry blossom viewing
mountain cherry tree
Japanese people have been appreciating and admiring the beauty of the cherry blossoms since ancient times.
It is customary for the Japanese to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in spring.
"It's because the cherry blossoms fall
That they're beattiful in eyes of all.
Nothing is eternal in the world we live in.!"
There is also the sense of transience of life.
Besides enjoying the beauty of the blossoms itself,
Japanese people are touched by the transient beauty of the blossoms.
The cherry blossoms are at their best only for a few days.
Japanese people associate this short-lived beauty with life.
Both life and the blossoms are beautiful, but they don't last very long.
You love and cherish things more if you cannot keep them forever, you know.
Japanese people are such cherry blossom lovers that they use designs of the cherry blossoms in many things.
Kabazaiku goods with cherry blossom designs are very popular too.
In this way, the cherry blossoms mean much more than just a plant to Japanese people,
especially to the lovers/masters of the tea ceremony, who appreciate the perception of the evanescence of life. They like using Kabazaiku goods with cherry blossom designs.
Kabazaiku was started at the end of the 18th century in Kakunodate Town in Akita Prefecture.
It used to be a job of lower-ranking Samurai* to make Kabazaiku goods when they were not fighting.
Samurai were Japanese warriors to wait upon people in the upper ranks of society, and to fight for them in armor when needed.
A large number of artisans took over the tradition of this craftwork from Samurai and started to produce a lot of kinds of Kabazaiku goods.
Today Kabazaiku is the main industry of Kakunodate Town.
The special technique used makes these Kabazaiku goods one of a kind.
The gloss of the product increases as it is used, which adds beautiful tint to the original color of the product.
The cherry bark works as an insulator against change in humidity, which is good to keep tea leaves dry.
That's why Kabazaiku tea containers are popular.
Being beautiful and useful, Kabazaiku goods have been loved by many people for a long period of time.

Kabazaiku (桜皮細工)- Cherry bark Crafts

12,100 yen
14,300 yen
14,300 yen


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